CoinPuffs v0.3… Tonight…?

With CoinPuffs we have an opportunity to not only experiment as a community-driven project (via fantastic feedback) but also a way to build a little revenue for the community.

We’re doing that by taking a look into using a few different exchange services and allowing folks to be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly via the site.

I’ll probably deploy the updated design (again) this evening, if I can get around to it, but the hope is that by combining meaningful tools for all of you then we can collectively support the growing costs (as all of you are already doing)!

So, all that to say… THANK YOU for your continued support and patronage! It allows us to spend 20 out of 24 hours each day building stuff for you!

Full designs here:

Oh, and the “Red” and “Green” arrows will replace the crazy-insane live-updates that flash in your face. That should be a little more pleasant.