The Necessity of Collaboration for Business, Startups

It’s hard to imagine what I would do without my partners – actually, that’s not hard to imagine at all (I lied): I’d be doing what I’m doing currently but I’d be doing it alone, with much less success, and not having as much fun as I am today.

Launching products is easy but building a business is really hard, especially if you want the type of business that doesn’t eat your soul. To stave off this possibility the goal is to constantly invite collaboration, putting yourself in a position where you spend more time listening than telling others what to do. You also allow these people around you thrive, using their gifts, talents, and strengths to their full potential.

In fact, you endeavor to serve them that way; if there’s anything in the way of their ability to fully execute you get rid of the blockade and through the fine art of collaboration you break through them together.

It’s sweet when you see it happen in real-time. I had one of those experiences recently with an intense branding session and clarity exercise and it was beautiful to see so many smart minds hyper-focused for an explicit amount of time creating something out of almost nothing.


And that’s what good collaboration does – it creates realities that you could never do on your own. As a result it becomes more than just a good idea, it becomes a movement of people together in the same direction and the force is more than doubled, it’s engendered into one’s DNA.

This is where culture development starts. It’s here where one of the most important ingredients of any business develops and if you don’t have it, woe to you! There is no business that I’ve ever encounter or any business leader that says “Nope, our business is definitely not about collaboration.” and although this is obviously stated with much bravado there is almost no evidence that it’s a part of their cultural DNA.

I want the organizations that I oversee and manage to have this built-in, completely native, and without compromise. Better work happens, more enjoyment is extracted, and I believe completely that we’ll be more profitable (my theory is still being tested here, by the way).

Here are some more shots from that day via Tasra Dawson:

Thank you Benj for allowing us to join you and your team for that incredible day. Looking forward to working with you guys even more!

So, what’s stopping you and your organization from developing a foundational culture of collaboration? What isn’t happening that should be? Why aren’t you doing something about it?

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