Are You More Collaborative or Competitive with Your Blog?

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Melanie Seibert over at TheLarkBlog sent me this neat vlog (one of her very first!!) to share some thoughts about collaboration and competition among bloggers which was inspired from the 2011 BlogHer Conference last week.

Before I add my own personal thoughts I want to give Melanie a huge thumbs up for making a video blog (which I think is a great thing for all bloggers to try at least once because of the opportunity of increased authenticity) and sharing it with this community! I know that even now I still get nervous sitting in front of my own camera at home – silly to think about but it’s true!

So I (and this community that you’re a part of) salute you for your first-ever effort! Way to go! And, it’s awesome that you found it valuable to jump into some local community (and a large conference) surrounding your niche and connect with other bloggers in real life – kudos to that as well!

We All Struggle With This!

I want to firmly believe that most bloggers share a collaborative mindset when it comes to their personal blogs but I fear that it’s not as often as we might want to hope – I think that deep down every blogger, at some point, dips a bit too far into the “it’s all about me” worldview and can find themselves looking at themselves too much at some point in their journey.

In fact, I think that’s part of the journey itself as we all struggle (daily at times) to strike the right balance between self-promotion and creating unbelievable value for our readers. It’s about the attitude that we have when we hit the “publish” button – and we may have had an entirely different attitude when we had first sat down to write!

But it’s tough and I don’t have an easy or copy-and-paste solution; we all have to grapple with our desire to be competitive (which is a good and healthy thing when managed well) and our desire to be collaborative (or our struggle to be more collaborative than we are right now).

But that’s just my perspective. Now it’s your turn! Here’s what Melanie asks:

Do you find that blogging is mainly collaborative and that other bloggers are pretty much helpful to you or have you encountered any competitiveness?

So what about you? What’s your experience been? Is blogging (and bloggers) a unique bunch insofar as we tend to be more collaborative than competitive than other industries or communities?

Love your thoughts – and I hope you guys had a great weekend!

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