As a technologist I am constantly experimenting with new tools, applications, and workflows so that I can optimize both my time and productivity. I enjoy this part of my “job” immensely.

Admittedly, my standards are extremely high in terms of quality, design, and feature set and so there are very few apps that have stood the test of time and that end up on this list.

Take that for what you will.

My Most Important Tool:

The most important tool and app that I use daily is Desk app. It is how I capture and publish the very words on this page and the blog posts that I draft and publish daily.

“Best App of the Year” via Apple (2014 & 2015)

I hope you try it as it’s the app that I’ve always wanted to use but no one ever built. So, I built it myself.

Not all stories have a happy ending…

It is my passion and my joy. On occasion I will write independent posts on and for that I will use MNML App, also something that I put together, based off the very nice platform of Desk App.


Web Tools:

This blog is currently hosted on MediaTemple (I’ve moved to WP Engine – read my post here about this transition) and has been for quite some time. They aren’t the only option though and I have a few more listed here that I’ve used historically and that I recommend.

I use a self-hosted version of WordPress (check out this epic series on getting started). Plugins that I use are AkismetJetpackWordPress SEOPressgram, and VaultPress. It’s pretty trim, as I like it to be, and even now it’s just really one (or two).

I currently use the Default WordPress Theme, Twenty Twelve, (nope – I’ve changed, slightly, but you should still read this…) which you can read more about in terms of my decision. I still use the “Default Theme” but it’s Twenty Seventeen.

I’m a fan of Google Apps for productivity and email, Picasa and Amazon S3 for image backup (actually, I use Dropbox now for nearly everything), Google Analytics for stats, Feedly for RSS reading, Feedburner for subscription services, and MailChimp for newsletter management.

I use Twitter as sparingly as I can and have sworn off of most other social networks. I troll RedditActually, I have declared a significant moratorium on all social networks, including Twitter (I’ve completely quit).

Actually, I’m back on Twitter. I’m terrible, I know.

Nope, I quit, for good.

macOS Tools:

I love the following (and use these every single day which was the criteria for making this list):

iOS Apps:

I am trying to spend less and less time on my mobile device as it is both disruptive and incredibly annoying. Read more of my thoughts here as well as a list of iPhone apps that I’m currently using.

True story.

Analog Tools:

I have more than a few tools that I use consistently but none are more important than my writing notebooks that capture my creative thoughts and provide the framework for all of my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Yes, you heard that right: Every single creative idea is first captured in one of my physical journals and then moved to a digital space if they mature into a doable concept. I have changed the notebook that I use based on the content and season that I’m in. In other words, there is not exactly a rhyme nor reason for which notebook I’m using at any given point in time.

In addition to my notebooks:

Want me to check some other tool / app out? Feel free to drop me a line.