Community Leaders Round #2


I cannot believe that it’s been a full 90 days (3 months) since our first round of Community Leaders were officially recognized and began their volunteer work building this amazing network of passionate creators!

As I had shared, I believe in “tenure” and making sure that there’s a definitive end-date so that volunteers don’t feel locked-in forever and can do their best work. There are a lot of scientific and behavior studies that prove this to be the case.

Consequently the time cap and renewal process makes the most sense and even now as I review the work done by the team it’s quite apparent that life has changed for a number of them (as it always does).

With that being said, I’d just like to thank Jacob DeCastro, William Bedford, Khurt Williams, and Leo Ji who contributed in big ways this past tenure! Thanks for your time and help making this something quite special! All of them have big things happening in their own personal lives that make the decision to take a break volunteering (for now) and I’m glad to have gotten to know them on not just a professional level, but also a personal one.

I’d also like to recognize the leaders who are sticking around for Tenure #2: Jacob Miller, Zoe McGowan, Michael Beil, Demian Seiler, and Joshua Vandercar! You guys are the best!

Finally, if you’re interested in becoming a more tactical and strategic part of the Pressgram community then feel free to ping any of us (contact info here) and start a conversation about how that might happen. We are always looking for enthusiastic and committed volunteers to make all of this magic happen!