Com-Passion Ministries


Project: XANGA

Last night, I proposed to the RC a potentially dramatic change
to our small-group | cell-group ministry at KCPC.  One of those
changes was the name:

Com-Passion Ministries
A Common Passion Uniting A Passionate Community

The name came to me in a vision on 7.30.05 after a night of intense
prayer and petition.  With the help of my wife, the above tag-line
was born.

One of the greatest criticisms of our church, and let’s be honest,
is our lack of ‘community.’  Heck, let’s just make a blanket-statement
here and say that many, if not all, churches struggle with the development
and growth of community and fellowship.  A most basic command and
foundational element of Christ and Christ’s teaching is to support, and care,
and love others; to develop community with our God, within our faith with
others, and then to go out of those walls and develop community with
those who are not in the faith.

Our Church is KCPC.  KCPC…!  Korean Community Presbyterian Church.
If we were to break our name into the 4 defining elements, that we are Korean,
that we are Presbyterian, and that we are a Church…  Oh, yeah, we’re also a
Community…  kinda… sorta…  …  And I’m not saying that we don’t have community
at all; the fact is that we do.  It may not be readily or easily apparent.

But, the great news is that God has placed His Spirit upon this church and I believe
He’s asking us to begin rebuilding and working and developing a vibrant and alive
community of believers.  And, I don’t think it’s too crazy to say that Cell-Group ministry
is one way, one avenue, of making this possible.  In fact, I believe that many of our
current discouragements and problems can be answered in a concerted effort to
focus and build this ministry.

What’s great is that the new name, with the tag-line, makes it quite clear the focus of
this ministry.  And it’s not full of the Christan-speak or any ‘christianese’ stuff.  God
showed me that the name of the ministry is crucial.  It needs to be understood by
both believers and non.  A person who does not know anything about Christianity
should be able to read ‘A Common Passion Uniting A Passionate Community’ and
think something to the extent of:  “Hey, I don’t know what that’s about, but, I
know what community is, and what that feels/is like, and I know what passion
is and possibly sharing it with others…”  and maybe, just maybe, it’ll create
some buzz, some interest: “Hey, that sounds interesting.  I’d like to get to know more
about what this ‘common passion’ is and what a ‘passionate community’ looks like.”

At the same time, believers should be able to relate to it as well.  Sure, some people
may know the the latin for passion is ‘lati’ and means ‘to suffer’ and is related to
the word ‘patience,’ and that it correlates with the suffering of Christ, and that’s
great!  But I realized it needed to afford both sides of the coin.  Both a non-christian
and a christian should be intrigued, and moved to ask what it’s all really about.

All this to say, Com-Passion Ministries is by no means fully recognized as-of-yet.
The Will of God and certainly the RC will see to whether this change is made.  I ask
of you (those who read this entirely) to continue to pray for the development of this
ministry, and the Will of God as to whether we’ll change the name.  I’d also like to hear
some remarks about your feelings on the name change.  What do you guys think?
The RC, who represents you, should know these things as well.  Talk to them too.

I’m really excited my brothers and sisters.  And let it be no secret that I’m looking,
and praying to God, for people that He will choose to help launch and develop it…
These people, I believe without a doubt, will be revealed thru revelation. 

To God be the Glory.

Stay the course.