Comic Books

You don’t have to tell me twice:

The enduring popularity of graphic storytelling is not a result of seductive images or flashy plotlines, but a reflection of how the human mind has evolved to understand and interpret stories.

This is one reason why children with autism spectrum disorder often struggle to relate to the feelings and needs of others, because they don’t pick up on the visual emotional cues. It’s also why reading comics could not only improve their reading comprehension, but their social and interpersonal communication as well.

via QZ

I’m pretty sure that I developed a love of words and writing and stories from the many comic books that my parents bought for me (they still snail-mail me newspaper clippings!) and the many that I still collect and read.

I cant get lost in them forever.

Part of growing up is figuring out how to communicate effectively to others, especially the harder parts of life like learning to dialogue about our emotions, how we feel about tough situations and the player(s) involved—I feel as if I learned so much about conflict resolution via the comic books that I read as the heroes discovered there were many more ways of solving a problem than punching your way through it.

Perhaps we all need more of them in our diet.