Simple Optimizations on the “Coming Soon” Page Can Create Profound Results

If you’ve been tracking then you may have noticed a small change on the homepage of Pinpoint – I’ve changed the first iteration of the landing page and the design to help focus on email capture.

Here’s a more visual review of the change:

v0.1 - Initial Launch Design

v0.1 – Initial Launch Design

I started with the above design that had a screenshot of what I was building, some text, a quote and then a sign-up link that sat “below the fold” (at least on my screen):

v0.1 - Not optimal...

v0.1 – Not optimal…

I used a previous design (some of you may recognize it) and the decision-tree was easy to justify: I wanted to get something up ASAP and borrowing from a previous project was an easy win.

But like the previous project, my opt-in rates for the email newsletter wasn’t as easy as it could be so I gave it some thought and decided to move a design that required one less click (and one less browser window / tab).

So I moved to this design:

v0.2 - Better...

v0.2 – Better…

This version had the quote but also had some more descriptive text on what I was looking to put together as well as the more obvious and easier sign-up form:

There we go...

There we go…

So far, I’m getting a bit better clicks and people are still subscribing, which is, of course, very nice. For those curious, I moved from a static HTML / CSS / JavaScript site to a bit “heavier” dependency on WordPress – this doesn’t mean that the site loads slower, though, as I’ve got some pretty nice caching on it.

And, perhaps most importantly, it’s better on mobile devices:

Mobile wins.

Mobile wins.

I think this is super-important in a mobile-first world since more and more of our lives are being spent on these mobile devices. So, the chance of a “new user” or reader coming through a mobile device is much more possible.

In fact, I can prove it!

Digging into some of the analytics for just the last few days I can see this confirming fact and reality: The percent of new sessions was dominated by “Mobile” and “Tablet” (81.13% and 77.78% respectively) while only 66.12% came through a “Desktop” device.

So, by even optimizing the landing page for mobile will increase the amount of sign-ups, especially since now the user will be able to add their email right via the homepage without having to click additional links.

As you can see here:

A faster and easier mobile sign-up experience.

A faster and easier mobile sign-up experience.

So, even though I spent a little more time that I had hoped getting this “Launch Page” out the door, these small considerations and optimizations can really have a profound impact on your growth stats and metrics.

Hopefully you can use some of these thoughts for your own use in your own projects. Because building better software is not just the software itself; it also includes how users get there, understand the product, and ultimately become customers!

Hi! If you’re new to my style of building products then you should know that I particularly love sharing the details on how I put these things together, especially new projects and new ventures.

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