Comments are Community

I’ll never forget hearing those words.

They originally came from Om Malik and what he wrote in mid-August of 2004 changed my life forever.

It’s a problem that I’ve been trying to solve ever since.

When I started putting this project back together, you can see Om’s words were still very close and top-of-mind — look at the bottom of this product overview of the #commsaas that we’re building:

Full breakdown of the process / story so far.

So even this year, in early-February as I was putting the wheels back on the company, I was still obsessing over that damn post!

I think I’m very close to finally solving it — I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Right after I mention Om in the slack post above I shared this tweet as an example of how I use “comments as community” or, more specifically, how I use them to start building a relationship and then how that scales after you do it a lot with folks.

You know, not hard stuff folks.