(New) Community-Centric Support


I have now gone through, quite literally, 5 different support systems in the past week, from plain email to a WordPress-powered solution, to HelpScout and other SaaS options. Not a single one really got what I was trying to accomplish and the last one especially (WordPress) was drowning very quickly.

But more than that the solutions that I had been using weren’t enough about the community – in other words, there wasn’t an opportunity to leverage the collective smarts of those within our ecosystem and thus offer an opportunity for all of us to collectively provide value.

So I went back to the drawing board yesterday (among other things) and manually migrated all the major tickets and issues (removing tons of duplicates) into our new Help and Community Support Site. My hope is that this iteration is the last iteration for a very, very ong time.

First, I apologize for those that may have created an account in the last system – although there weren’t too many of you I just didn’t have the time to create a script to import and there wasn’t anything native. Since we are still super-young as an organization and a community I felt ok by nuking the entire thing and grabbing what was valuable before the ship went down.

So feel free to jump back in and let your voice be heard. I’m especially excited to see what people come up with on the Tips and Tricks part of the site as well as showcase.

Check it out here.

Again, thanks for your patience as we iron out all that we need to make sure this community can be served in the best way possible! It’s tough as the list isn’t getting smaller either…

Which also brings me to this request: If you’re interested in helping build our community then consider being a part of the Forums in a more explicit and obvious way, helping new users get adjusted and working on How To’s and the like! Thanks! Just let me know if you’re interested.