My Blog Posts are Truly Community Powered!

I love getting little “care” packages now and then from you guys as you seek to support my needs as a writer and blogger, especially when it comes to caffeinated beverages!

Rob Still sent me two flavors from his coffee shop as well as some music to kick back to as well:

Now I hope you all know that I get enough of your support by you simply subscribing to this blog, sharing it with others, and also supporting my team and some of the products that we build, so you don’t have to send me things like this to make me feel appreciated!

But… I will never say “No” to a good coffee sample (or anything else for that matter) and I don’t mind having an opportunity to support you┬áin return by blogging a few words about it too! Ah, so copacetic.

Thanks so much Rob and I appreciate the “jolt” this afternoon!


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