Community Spotlight: Waqar Ansari, The First Yenizen to Reach $1,000,000 in Trades on YEN!

This is a special community spotlight because we are celebrating a milestone achievement on YEN. Waqar (icoNeo on YEN) is the first Yenizen to reach $1,000,000 in trades on YEN! At this rate, he may even hit $10,000,000 soon (#whale). I sat down with Waqar earlier this week to learn more about his story. Here is what he had to say…

How did you get involved in the YEN Community? 

It all started when I stumbled upon Peter on YouTube and listening to him bash my favorite shit coins back in the day (Mana, CND, verge, Tron, and Ripple). I hated his guts for calling them out as shitty coins. Fast forward 8 months and he proved me wrong. Thats when I became a fan. Then he started talking about the Bitcoinpub, so I followed him there. I always wanted to be a part of this club. And now, here I am. From being a Peter fangirl, to him giving me shout out. This is the most humbling experience ever. Dreams do come true.

What is your favorite part about the YEN Community? 

I absolutely love how giving the people are. There are no judgements. Everyone is very helpful and there is no censorship (thank god). I can say the most awkward things and still get away with it. People are accepting and this is probably the only place where the community will support you and your growth. I guess we are all insane in the blockchain. 

How does it feel to be the first person to transact over $1,000,000 USD on YEN? 

Honestly, I did not even plan it. Everything just happened out of nowhere. I started trading 8 months ago. I am slowly getting the hang of it. I have figured out some amazing strategies and game plays which has helped me tremendously, and I would love to share this with the community for free.

What got you into buying and selling cryptocurrency? 

2013 Electric Forest festival when I had to buy Bitcoin for some shenanigans. Bitcoin’s parabolic growth got my attention.

Any tips for people just starting out? 

If you are thinking about getting into trading, don’t be afraid to take some risks. My biggest starting tip is… be patient no matter how long you’re stuck in a bad trade, be it a few days, a week or even a month. Do not sell!!! Just HODL on your bad trade. This market is still very volatile and your coin will get back to your entry point or even higher. It’s all GOP (Games of Patience).

What are your “to the moon goals”? 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but my goals have been changing. Initially, I wanted to pay off my credit card debts and buy a dream car. Now, my two year game plan is to retire from my 9 to 5 corporate slave job and become a day trader full-time. This is working wonders for me, but I have to become really good at trading before I retire. My long term plan is to travel for food and experience different cultures. I want to help friends/family and give back to my community. Maybe invest with Peter and John in their future endeavors and of course, buy a Lambo!

Who/what inspires you?

Hard working people like Peter, John, Su, Nick, Collin, and you grinding day in night out and reaching their goals. Oh yes, and I am a big trance head, house music freak, and I love psytrance! Crotch rockets, cars, cats, travel, and food as well. 

What keeps you motivated? 

Disappointments, failures and when someone says you can’t do something. I love proving people wrong. Not in a cocky way, well maybe a little. 

What do you do outside of buying and selling cryptocurrency? 

I work as a QA project lead at DHS at state of Minnesota. Recently joined Medtronic as QA Manager/ Scrum Master on their IOT devices team. So stoked!

Name one thing you cannot live without… BITCOIN! BITCOIN LIFE!

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