The Constant Challenge of Reducing Your Blog’s Complexity

I had the pleasure of writing a guest post over at DailyBlogTips this morning titled 3 Elements of Your Blog Design That Need Simplifying.

If you have a moment please feel free to head over there and not only give it a read but also see if there are any areas of improvement that you can execute on today! Love to see some TentBlogger-love on the post as well (drop a comment, or two!).

In typical fashion I wanted to spend a few moments expanding on this topic here for the benefit of my awesome readers.

Do Not Outpace Your Blog’s Growth with Complexity

As your blog grows and as your audience widens your blog will naturally follow the same course, especially if you’re a blogger that wants to continue the upward trend to the right in regards to traffic!

You’ll want to use new systems, services, and technologies from multiple different providers that tell you that their particular product will “increase engagement” and “multiply pageviews overnight” and other such marketing material.

The temptation is great.

And this is not to say that they are all bad – in fact, many of them are quite decent! But my experience has shown (and many blogs that you read have shown) are way beyond where they should be in terms of complexity – they’ve got this and that and everything in between on their sidebars, content areas, and 50+ plugins installed.

But they only get about 50 visits a day. See, there’s a disconnect!

Newer bloggers consume the lie that their blog needs to be at the complexity level of a professional blogger’s blog so that they do get those traffic numbers – I submit that the oppositie is more profitable: Start as simply¬†as you possibly can with the most simple WordPress Theme that you can find (try one of my free WordPress Themes) and focus on what matters: Content and community engagement.

If you outpace your blog’s growth and make your blog more complex than you (and your community) need at this point you’ll most likely be wasting time in areas that are, at this point, that aren’t optimal or beneficial. You only have so much time to work on your blog each day so why would you waste it in areas that don’t contribute to the most important elements of your blog?

Reduce complexity and make an effort to simplify every step of the way – you’ll find it much more satisfying and your community will thank you for it.

I believe in you guys! You can do it! Again, feel free to head over to DailyBlogTips and give my thoughts a second or two. If you want another good read you can read this similar post about keeping your blog light and not heavy.

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