Concepts for IAP

A little while ago I shared some concepts for what I had been thinking about in terms of in-app purchases (IAP) so that we can make a go at making this a legit and sustainable app.

This is an ever-increasing need and anxiety for me as the data costs continue to rise. This is great, mind you, since that means usage and engagement and signups are up and to the right! But, stories like the one of TurnTable remind me of the reality that is fast approaching and the need to make this thing “float” financially.

Here are two design concepts for what I’ve been toying around with so far:

Both the white version and the original for comparison.

I’m pretty stoked about how the concepts are coming out so far and I’ve got a lot of work to do to make it right. And for those that have been telling me that they want to start supporting me and the app financially… well, it’s coming and I thank you in advance for that support!