Confidence and Insecurity

They say that confidence is quiet while insecurity is loud – I think the internet shows this all too clearly.

The problem is that the internet rarely showcases the “quiet” much at all – it’s like we’re interfacing with a spectrum of insecurities from those that yell and shout all the time and those that do it on occasion (I wonder where I sit…).

I’m beginning to feel as if the ones that have the most to say are finding ways to do it offline and away from the technical fray and resulting noise from those that are clambering to become the digerati.

I have a few people that I count not only as friends but select mentors of mine and all of them use social media sparingly. In fact, two of them are not online at all.

And yet, when I speak with them, I receive wisdom that I could never find in a blog post or a tweet or a Facebook status update – wisdom and communicated experience that impacts me deeply and fundamentally directs my decision making.

They are confident about who they are as men and women but soft in their approach and quiet in their understanding. When they need to press hard on a subject it isn’t “loud” but it is definitely deafening in resolve and metered by humility.

I generally want to be that type of man; I wonder often if I’m on the right track.