Consolidating Blogs (Teeny and Desk)

A small (yet important) announcement is that I’m consolidating my indie project blogs (Teeny Tokyo and Desk) so that I can streamline my own personal workflow and time commitments. This isn’t an easy decision but a necessary one as my time spent on building, writing, and other such life events has been severely limited.

Consequently, I’ll be migrating¬†both the Teeny Tokyo and Desk’s blog in the coming few days. I’ve already worked on the former and the much larger blog will take a bit of time and coordination.

I’m really excited about the coming 2016 year and all that it has to offer. I’m not sure about you but at the end of each year I do a full retrospective of the year which helps me review what I’ve done and the lessons learned (among many other things).

But, most importantly, this offers me an opportunity to get excited about the coming future and the plans that I have for next year. There’s so much possibility, so much opportunity, I can barely contain myself.

I hope you’re getting as excited as I am about the next year – what do you have coming down the pipe?