Content Strategy (for the Rest of 2021)

If you think this was going to be a long post, well, sorry… it’s just not that complicated! And, it shouldn’t be.

Putting it together on 5/26/2021

My life is getting crazy-focused with only 3 properties that I’ll manage for the rest of 2021 (and possibly / probably?) more:

  1. This blog, of course, is the daily driver and it’s my first love. I love my readers! And soon we’ll be able to converse more, right on the website here (if you so choose). I just have a few more things to fix up in our BETA and we’ll be good to try it.
  2. My vlog, which, I just like and really enjoying filming and talking to myself, to be quite frank.
  3. My YENIVERSE community, one part of the larger, federated metaverse!

And that’s it. The moment I tweeted out a final few things I logged out of all my accounts and deleted the apps from all my devices. I’m so grateful that I have no idea what people are saying — the silence is palpable; feels like a warm blanket of nothing, no noise, whatsoever.

Below, you’ll see the 20 or so properties that I had to update in sequence after the scheduled 12:01am launch. The entire thing didn’t take me too long but don’t miss the foundational gem: Content is community.

And then you must sound the call and deliver the message to everyone so you can build a bit of groundswell. According to my last-minute check, we had between 46k and 100k folks notified, network-wide. The gap is because we have quite a large “subscriber” count on the main channel while I know it’s not nearly that (more like 1,000 active participants). I guessed that with that number I could get 2,000 folks to view the site and about 200 upvotes, or 10% of those interested would have Product Hunt accounts and know what to do with it.

So far, I’m actually almost-perfectly on-target. I’m telling you; I’ve done this before! A few more hours to go and we’ll see if we get to 200. I’d like to end up just outside of the Top 10 (maybe #13?!). We’re an indie project and indie community and I actually could use a little less attention over the weekend and into next week; I have more than a few things to fix.

Okay, that’s all. Bye.