3 Types of Content that Draw Consistent and High Traffic

Traffic: More please!

[This is part of theĀ Developing Great Blog Content Series.]

I’ve been spending a lot of time building strategy around my traffic generation with this blog unlike any other blog previously and it’s been quite an interesting experience to walk back through the years and thousands of posts to see if I can eek out any learnings.

Trust me, there have been quite a few! One of the areas of great interest for me have been to identify the patterns of content that appear to draw the biggest number of views historically.

By spending time doing this type of research I can then capitalize on them for the future, assuming that they still hold as true today as they were over the years (and they appear to be quite “on the money” so to speak).

Here are some of the top “types” of content that appears to do quite well from a traffic perspective:

I would consider this guy an 'expert' for sure!

1. Expertise

Blog posts that showcase an exceptional amount of “expertise” in a certain focused area have always gathered many eyeballs. In fact, even though some of them have not necessarily gathered many comments the traffic has been overwhelmingly-positive.

Some of these posts are continually “stumbled” (meaning lots of traffic from StumbleUpon) repeatedly bringing tens of thousands of new eyes every single time.

Execution on “Expertise” Here on TentBlogger:

As a result I purposely developed this blog here to do just that: Showcase an exceptional level of expertise in the area of blogging and the use of the blogging software WordPress.

How have the results been so far in my attempts? Exceptional. The growth in the past 4 months has been more than I could possibly have hoped for from both a direct traffic perspective as well as organic one.

I plan on sharing much more on how this has worked out in the coming days (perhaps after I finish this grand series on Launching a WordPress Blog).

Engage me with the story of that incredible journey...

2. Story, Journey, Exploration

The next area of content that has been well-received is anything that really can be classified under the idea of a “story” or narrative, especially as it relates to someone going through some sort of “journey”.

An example has been one person who shared his experience launching a new campus ministry and every single week he posted how the progress went. Tons of traffic as well as high engagement in the comment section.

Valuable and strategic? You bet.

Execution on “Story” Here on TentBlogger:

So far I’ve crafted the dialogue here as well as the explicit goal of this blog to describe my journey as a Professional Blogger from (near) start to finish.

I started this blog from scratch investing little to no capital, just like anyone else would, and working hard to build and create valuable and unique content. The community, I believe, is walking with me through this “story” and “journey”.

Is it working? I think so. People have commented as well as privately shared via Twitter or Email that they’ve enjoyed “walking with me” through this part of my life. I count those people as fans for life.

Not sure if you're a Conan O'Brien fan... but he sure is entertaining!

3. Entertainment

The last type of content that has seen some incredible traffic values I categorized into what I call simply “entertainment.” This could be anything from a piece of media (video, photo) to a really exceptional entertaining read.

The thing though with this type is that they provoked an emotion: Humor was a very popular emotional pattern. The internet is a strange place where the “lamest” of things seem to get the most attention and regardless of how you feel about these parts of the web you have to admit that it’s something to consider in your traffic strategy.

Doing it with good taste and a touch of cleverness can bring you scores of hits.

Execution on “Entertainment” Here on TentBlogger:

This area is a bit weak for me as I don’t consider myself exceptionally entertaining. If you were to know me in person you’d probably think I’m just plain weird.

I’ve tried to leverage the power of video blogging a few times a week (if I can muster the strength to get out of my pajamas) to showcase some silly things here and there.

What’s nice is that I don’t feel like I’ve let anyone down or even myself for that matter – you don’t have to execute on all three of these content types to be successful!

So, what about you? Can you take these three content types and do some damage? Perhaps restructure your focus in terms of content?

Let me hear your thoughts!

Oh, and if you need 25 more types of blog posts then check this out!

[This is part of theĀ Developing Great Blog Content Series.]

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