A Conversation About Conversations (Posts, Replies, Threads, and More)!

Building working, usable software isn’t as hard as it used to be, especially considering the ample resources that are readily available online for the eager, curious, and seriously motivated.

Everyone that has an internet connection has direct access to a near-infinite (and growing!) number of tutorials, how-tos, platforms, starter toolkits, and even complete website-in-a-box type of services (like Shopify or Squarespace or WordPress) that can get you up and running in almost no-time flat—what a time to be alive!

It’s really like that.

But “working” software does not a business make because a real, working business has somehow crossed the difficult and necessary chasm of actually making money!

This is why building software in the context of an early-stage startup is anything but easy as there are a ton of constantly moving targets, from the process itself (like moving from Scrum to Kanban), to the folks on the team (and aligning them!), and then, of course, the product itself which is being iterated on based on customer feedback!

This is why it’s important to have cultural processes (i.e. ceremonies) in place that allow you to take the necessary time to review the work that’s been done as well as finding ample space to futurecast and plan.

That’s why we invest time, every week, to engage with our community and share not just what we’re building but also the how and the very important answers to why we do what we do!

The result is a tighter and more intimate relationship with our users which is always a win-win in early-stage software development.

It’s like he knows our roadmap…

For those that have been around since the very beginning (The Bitcoin Pub™️ represent!) you know that we’ve done our best to create a culture of proactive engagement, listening to the thoughts and concerns of our community members as it relates to product design and development.

For instance, @john even shared a post the same morning of the forum launch providing more context and we’ve continued to overshare our progress and process via this blog, YouTube, and other outlets like Medium and Twitter.

And although we haven’t batted 1,000% all the time, we’re proud of the community that we’re apart of and the culture that we’ve built with all of your incredible help!

A great example of this collaboration was with our most-recent release that we affectionately called Bronze Chicken!

If you can keep a secret… we actually used a name generator.

We took a holistic view of the entire commenting experience on our current beta platform and ultimately decided to rebuild the entire architecture from the ground-up:

This required an entirely new database and schema for the BETA system, besides ensuring data integrity and migrating the 20,000+ comments and posts that all of you have been sharing daily!

We made some internal, team-based decisions on the backend but it’s important for all of you to know that these were predicated on the amazing feedback that we’ve consistently gotten from our community, starting all the way back when we first launched our BETA in October of 2018 with our first cohort of legendary Co-Builders!

(And a lucky few were able to give us feedback, IRL and in-person at our very first YEN Retreat! These pictures bring back so many great memories!)

The very first beta-originated feature request re: comments!

You see, these dialogues and conversations matter—the very existence and survival of the company depends on it!

It’s really important that startup teams in the early-stage get this dynamic and cadence right, obsessively listening to the feedback from our passionate insiders who were helping to build the very foundation that we all wanted to build and stand on!

Collin is consistently one of the most thoughtful sources of feedback for us!

Although we started with a fairly bare-bones system (i.e. it did what it needed to do) it gave our early community a place to experiment, test, and most importantly dream collectively about an even better post and comment experience.

Tell us how you really feel, Andrew!

And that’s what this post is really all about: You asked, we listened, you waited (very, very patiently), and we’re committed to making good on these honest thoughts and contributions because they are, unsurprisingly, really good feedback and will make our platform even better.

Consequently, we’re getting closer to unveiling what this new UI/UX experience is going to look like and we’re right in the middle of firming up our roadmap and timeline for a very big release update!

Unfortunately, all we can share with you right now is the super-cool codename for this release (Platinum Dolphin!!) and this architectural outline of how this looks technically:

The above images are visual representations of how we’re building the new and exciting relationships between a user, their post, and the community’s replies which can become their own, entirely different and independent) conversation flows and threads!

So much amaze! 🚀💥🤯

Now, we can imagine your frustration at not being able to actually see anything quite yet and we know the feeling—we promise to share some sneak peeks in the very near future!

Until then, please continue to send us your feedback about the posting and comment experience as well as any other features that you’ve been dreaming about!

Your understandable frustration (or a peek into our weekly Team Huddles…).

We don’t even mind you pulling an Andrew from time to time!