Copy and Paste

This past week was the 8th anniversary of the iPhone and it’s pretty mind-numbing to think how far we’ve come since that amazing unveiling. I was an original owner of that first iPhone and I can distinctly remember feeling that I had something very special in my hands – little did I know that I’d be building apps for this device and the Apple ecosystem a few years later.

The gap between what we had then, on the version 1.0, and what we have now with version 6 of the product is wide as it is deep. It changed an industry and no one would buy version 1.0 today considering how different the market is.

3 years...

3 years…

I think we also forget how long it took Apple to get features in place that we all considered “standard” at the time. For instance, it took Apple 3 full years to get Copy and Paste built into the operating system and functional.

3… long… years…

Did people still buy the product and make it a success? Yes, and they did in droves. I bought every single iteration to date. Was I angry with the lack of some “standard” features? Not really. I accepted it as fact and believed that they were going to implement those things in due time.

I feel nostalgic and I also feel hope when I think about Apple’s story with Copy and Paste for the iPhone. That’s because there are a hundred features that I’m considering for Desk, many that some users and customers consider “standard.”

I’m not Apple and I don’t have the respect, the resources, the historical precedent to warrant that type of trust from users but I hope to align myself with a model that works so that I can deliver what I know the users want and balance it with what we really need.

It takes time to build a great product and like Apple’s first iPhone they didn’t get it “right” nor “perfect” the first time out the gate. That’s my story too and I’m constantly refining it to make it even better.

I hope the community and my customers enjoy the process and especially the story of the app as much as they enjoy the app itself.