Coworking in Atlanta: Cornerstone at NovoLogic

Cornerstone at NovoLogic is one of the last places that I have scheduled to visit in terms of the Atlanta-based coworking spots.

This one was a challenge as I had to drive 35 miles to get here and it really tested my nerves as it was the longest round-trip adventure with my electric car without a charge in-between stops, but I made it back fine as I chose to drive during off-peak hours for the sake of performance.

But I really hoped that Cornerstone would prove to be a worthwhile trip since I did have to travel all the way up north into Lawrenceville to get there!

And it’s definitely a pretty location, that’s for sure inside a corner building right off of W. Crogan Street and Culver St. With high-ceilings and a very polished interior it reminded me immediately of the production quality of Roam Dundwoody but with a much different feel to it.


Speeds are ok.

I was able to park right outside the entrance and walk right in. I was greeted warmly and given a quick tour of the facilities. I had guessed that NovoLogic was a company and that she was the major tenant (if not owner) and I was right. A technology company, NovoLogic purchased the building and became the #1 tenant and then opened up Cornerstone as another company (and NovoLogic pays Cornerstone rent).

Plenty of meeting spaces and a few different environments to choose from (including a nice bathroom) you really do have a clear winner if you’re up in the northern part of Atlanta.

The best spot was the “ideation” room that had a much different feel than the rest of the environment. I took a video of my experience while sitting in that room:

And, of course, here are some images of the space:

I do like how they have hand sanitizer on the walls… my wife would approve!

Overall the space is clean and well-lit, a fantastic option for those looking to get out of their homes for a bit (and then some). Since NovoLogic is the primary tenant and financial support system you can feel confident that Cornerstone will be around for quite some time.

Oh, and by the way, the art is done by a local (but well-known) artist, Steve Hickok – I thought that was pretty neat.

279 W Crogan Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
[Google Maps]

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