At the Cost of Your Users

Scathing commentary on how sacrifices their core reading experience to “maximize” engagement and conversion of new users – brutal af (but totally warranted):

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I’ve already shared my own perspective on Medium and how I think their time is desperately running out:

Medium’s Time is Running Out

Great products do not need to work that hard to convert new visitors into signups because products that really work will be so enticing to new visitors that they’ll figure out how to signup and become subscribers or users.

In fact, studies have shown that users will go to great lengths to signup, even if the signup process is broken! We actually see this in our user experience testing for YEN because people will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to “figure out” how they can gain entry (even trying to guess the Invite Code)!

And, since our beta app is not mobile optimized, many of our users will still use the shitty version on their mobile devices just because, despite how terrible the UX is!

A great product shouldn’t have to work that hard at this type of stuff… and Ev Williams knows that – he knows how to figure out what matters, he’s done it so many times before. I guess I just expect better from one of the godfathers of modern content creation…

Do not sacrifice your users on the altar of conversion – that’s never a good idea, ever.