Sofa or Couch in Your Home Office?

I’m now looking for a super-comfy sofa for my home office. I think this will provide a much-needed break for my legs as I spend most of it standing up for my current standing desk setup.

I want something that can double as a spot where I can create amazing content with my Macbook Air on my lap while at the same time being a really nice spot to have a nap when I want to. I want something “oldish” and “vintagy” (is that a word) from a stylistic perspective.

If you’ve got any suggestions or examples or links – I’ll take ’em! I think my office will be generally recreated into a super-lounge-like area (or something like that).

Well, actually, I’m not completely sold on that yet but it’s probably going to head in that direction I believe. Shoot me your links, examples, images, etc!

[This is part of the Problogger Home Office Series.]