How Courtland Allen Built Indie Hackers

One of the absolute best parts of my job is that I get to sit under brilliant builders and listen to how they built their projects and communities.

I’m now making it a habit to share my notes publicly, especially via my new-ish YEN.FM email newsletter. I just published my notes on Courtland’s chat with Ben Tossell of Makerpad and I love the play-by-play that he shares.

For instance, this is literally how he built Indie Hackers from the ground-up:

Building community, as Courtland shares, isn’t hard — it does take a lot of work and it’s not obvious, at first, if things are actually working.

Those that don’t quit survive… and those that quit… will never really know what they could have ultimately had! If you enjoyed this newsletter issue, I’d love for you to consider subscribing — I put a lot of work into them!

To infinity & community.