Where is the Craziest Place You’ve Ever Published a Blog Post?

The caption in this New York Times image from today is:

Volunteers have built a wireless internet around Jalalabad, Afghanistan from off-the-shelf electronics and ordinary materials.

Wow. Now, I’m not exactly sure what that individual is doing but at least he has the right kind of equipment, right? Too bad it isn’t a Macbook Air!

But it got me thinking: Where is the craziest place you’ve ever published a blog post?

Love to see the places that people share in the comments! It’s all good if the place is your bathroom (or something a little less exciting than the above picture).

For myself I haven’t been anywhere too crazy – just 30,000 feet on airplanes, in random airports, in a moving vehicle driving from Atlanta to Panama City. Perhaps the neatest place recently was when I took a trip out to the west coast for a conference and wrote this post about finding your “creative laboratory.”

I’ve published domestically and abroad, but not in a war-torn city. I did journal in one but I wasn’t publishing blog posts.

How about you?