You Don’t Create a More Inspiring Work Culture, You Already Built It (or Not)

via Wiselike:

What are some key ways to establish a productive work environment within a company?

Productivity is a key to success for many businesses, so how do owners and managers keep everyone engaged and productive? How do they prevent burnout and keep people from counting down the hours until they get to leave work? What are some of the key steps to creating a more inspiring work environment?

Here’s my answer:

I think the solution starts much farther up the pipe, and if an organization is trying to maintain a high level of productivity and output then there’s something categorically wrong (or that needs correction) at the leadership and DNA level.

Here’s a perfect post that illustrates my sentiments about this: Being Relentlessly Resourceful (and Your Culture Starts on Day 1).

Here you can see that I began modeling and practicing the REAL values of my organization from Day #1 and not making up some pithy statements that I “hoped” I’d have in my organization. I am relentlessly resourceful and I will naturally want to work with others that same those same characteristics.

Hopefully, God-willing, we continue to attract, hire, and retain those same types of people.

Establishing a framework of organizational culture is a huge deal for me and if I ever had to fight the nuances of productivity on a day-to-day basis then I’d probably “reset” the organization entirely or do something dramatic… and it would be my fault because I let it happen.


This is “organizational debt” at its finest (or worst) and I just wrote about that here: What Zenefits Taught Me About Organizational Debt.

Don’t let it happen.

You don’t “create” a more inspiring work environment – the actual “creation” process already happened on Day #1… the question is whether you’re still that same company that you started (culturally-speaking) as you are now and the distance between then and now is the debt that you’ve accrued.