3 Steps to Create a Blogging Workflow that Works for You!

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This one’s a keeper folks and has been a significant strategy for me as I moved toward Full Time Blogging and ultimately a better writer.

Creating a process and workflow for your writing and blogging efforts has been critical for me because finding the patterns of success that I can replicate has made me more effective in every single aspect of blogging.

Remember, this is to just start you out as there is definitely more to building a workflow as it relates to actually writing, but we’ll get to that shortly!

So, how did I create mine? How should you create yours? Here’s how:

  1. Begin documenting the day’s experience with writing. Highs, lows, and everything in between.
  2. After a month of time (and a year’s time) I’d review these lists and find patterns that I can begin to capitalize on.
  3. Finding the patterns will help you decide on what to replicate every day!

What then do you do with this list? You execute on them! What’s nice is that you probably already know what some of those things are! You could probably list out a few of them right now!

Get that workflow!
Finally, remember that the environment in which you right might be one of the most important factors. Additionally here are a few things (my list is in the hundreds) that I’ve written down in my personal notes throughout the years:

  • Physical exercise? Yes? How long?
  • Time of day that I wake up?
  • Type of coffee I drink (cream? sugar?) and when?
  • Is it sunny outside? Yes? No?
  • Do I play music? Yes? What types and for how long?
  • How much money did I spend the previous day?
  • Did I got to the bathroom yet?
  • How about a cold shower?
  • Did my daughter eat her breakfast?
  • Did I talk to my dad recently?
  • And more…

You might laugh at a few of these but I took it very seriously and I now have refined my craft toward excellence! Not all of them were ultimately important but a few of them are.

So what’s stopping you? Get to it!

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