Find (or Craft) Your Creative Laboratory! Thoughts from Len Sweet’s Office!

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As the video embedded shares I’m hanging out with Leonard Sweet and a bunch of other very intelligent individuals here on Orcas Island off the cost of Washington (right here). We are sharing thoughts about how technology impacts culture, church, and the theological challenges and opportunities that it can create.

One of the neatest things about this trip so far is simply Len’s home and the cottage that he’s allowed me to stay in. They are, without question, extremely creative in terms of architecture, flow, lighting, artifacts, and decor. It’s no wonder that he’s been able to be as productive as he has been because the environments he’s created are uniquely designed to export out of himself all that he’s been able to create.

It is a “creative laboratory” and it has reminded me of how important that environment is for me as I try to stay as productive as possible.

I have yet to craft the perfect creative (or creation) laboratory for myself but I will as soon as I can.

My question to you, the community here, is three fold:

  1. What is the “perfect” creative laboratory for your writing?
  2. Where is it?
  3. What does it have in it?

Essentially, if time and resources weren’t an issue, what would this “lab” look like? I want to hear your thoughts (because I may even borrow a few of your ideas!)!

Ah, and here are a few pictures from the event:

John Bergquist and I were the special guests.

Not planned, but we both wore video game-related tshirts on the last day!

Len Sweet is pretty much a genius.

There are some more pictures from the event right here!

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