You, the Creative+ (Creative Plus)

I love Dilbert as he seems to be able to explain the world in simple-to-understand terms, even the more complex nuances of human nature and culture.

And the recent “creative” comics have had me rolling even though they speak to stereotypes which sadly aren’t completely true, especially across the wide expanse of different “kinds” of creative types out there.

But I suppose that’s what makes them so darn humorous, right?

The thing with being a Creative¬†is that we are, what I call, Creative+, that is, “Creative Plus,” being more than just a stereotypical creative person.

Especially bloggers (and TentBloggers) we have much more to offer than just a creative perspective – we’re entrepreneurs, web developers, designers, producers of content (and other media), Pastors, non-profit leaders, for-profit employees, managers, speakers, authors, business analysts, and so on.

We know the right answer of who we are way before they can even classify us.

The challenge is not giving into the pressure of stereotype and simply being who you were created to be, shamelessly and proudly. It just so happens that we (blogger) are simply blogging our creative-ness wherever we are.

Call me whatever you want but don’t just label me as a Creative¬†because I’m so much more than that; and so are you.