Creativity, Around Us

My daughter made a batman insignia with her piece of cheese the other day and I was astounded.

First, I was surprised she even knew what that insignia or brand mark (can we call it a brand mark?) looked like. Second, that she was even aware of it enough to cognitively create it explicitly with her piece of cheese.

Heck, it could have been a pony or a princess – why Batman?

I’ll never know, but it made my day in a way that doesn’t often happen.

There is opportunities to create all around us at every moment at every turn in everything we do. It is creativity, around us, covering us and begging us to do something with what we have.

I have heard too often people say that they aren’t “creative” enough to do what I do or do what they feel like they want to do. That’s a shame, I tell them, since I believe they have everything they need to start moving in that direction.

I don’t believe we lack anything when it comes to creating from the heart – things out of nothing that wow us and that help us breathe in a bit more deeply and more richly.

Even if it’s a block of cheese there’s an opportunity to see it differently and craft joy out of what could have been a rather banal and mundane experience. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it matters.