Creativity Requires a Network

Creativity requires a network.

Sure, you can come up with some pretty neat stuff by yourself but many times it’s just half-baked, incomplete, or too amorphous to be useful… until you get a network.

via gapingvoid

via gapingvoid

Practically-speaking, creativity meets practicality and execution the moment you have others speak into the idea and force you to think even more critically about the problem or challenge at hand.

So, your goal, always, is to invite people into your process and give them permission to ask the hard questions about whether your idea is worth anything at all. Your goal is to invite dialogue and a very healthy dose of criticism.

Your goal is to figure out if you can actually mount a decent defense of your original idea and when you fail to be humble and open enough to reconsider it authentically; no lip-service here folks.

The best ideas that I’ve ever had were always just a starting point for an even better idea down the road. The missing ingredient was having trusted partners and the moment they showed up everything became better.

And more fun too. That’s a nice benefit as well.