Creativity. Time. More. Please.

Yes, yes, and… yes:

I can’t give my students more time in their lives; but what I try to do is change the way they think about and value it in the first place.

My class typically includes students who aren’t art majors, some of whom may never have made art before. I give them the same advice every quarter: Leave yourself twice as much time as you think you need for a project, knowing that half of that may not look like “making” anything at all.

There is no Soylent version of thought and reflection — creativity is unpredictable, and it simply takes time.

via Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing

Yeah. But, it’s so hard.

It can be hard for them to accept that, since they are steeped in a mind-set of productivity hacks.

Uh-uh. So, what’s the cure?

When I am bird watching, a favorite pastime that is, strictly speaking, “unproductive,” I have noticed that my perception of time slows down.

All of my attention is collected into a single focal point, kept there by fascination and genuine, almost unaccountable interest.

This is the experience of learning that I want for my students — that I want for everyone, actually — but it’s a fragile state. It requires maintenance.

Okay, so not really a “cure” but… definitely something to test and try. And, I won’t lie, I’ve been able to experience this recently with my “break” and it’s been absolutely wonderful. It almost feels as if time is removed from the entire “equation” of life.

It’s such an amazing feeling.

And, I’ve had some phenomenal mental breakthroughs, in almost every area of my life. Bonus points! I need this more in my life, more time away. More… please.