📻 — Building Multiple Revenue Streams as a Creator for Long-Term Career Success

Hey yeniverse!

Wow!! I placed 3rd in the pitch competition! Thanks for all of your kind words of encouragement! I haven’t “won” anything like this in a long time… and I celebrated with a milk shake.

  1. Underrated. Hot sauce in coffee. My ass got kicked. Abandon it.
  2. Replacement. Uservitals. NFT. Investing in GenZ. Nervous. Saving for later.
  3. Motivation. Pretty. Creator Masterclass. PrinciplesYou. 6 hours.
  4. People, yo. Not another startup. Hopefully quick. Guards. Safeguard?
  5. Technical (good) books. Keep experimenting. If you wantLOL.
  6. Sid. GenZcap. Never, always. Not friends. Growth. UserFlow.
  7. Clerk.dev. Meco. Sleek. Nhost. Better. Musk, Doge. Story. Replies.
  8. Is this cheating? L(° O °L) Sunshine. Masterclass effect? Hard.
  9. Styling. Creator lifecycle. Fun. Roots. Easyclout? Gumroad.
  10. Async. Record podcast. American dream. OS. Classics. Be kind.

To infinity & community,

— john

I honestly can’t remember where I had heard about this event but I signed up and I sat through it — quite long! But there were some very good slides and some content in the middle that I really loved.

This presentation on building multiple revenue streams and long-term career success was a breath of fresh air from your typical workshop and presentation. I’ve captured the content but you can review it above in the embedded video.

I think all creators should be thinking about these types of questions so they can build something that is both sustainable, fun, and allows them to continue to thrive as things change.


  • Stops you getting caught up in the day to day (days, weeks, months disappear)
  • Maximum efficiency of your time and energy
  • Everything you do, directly and indirectly, works towards a greater target / the / next level
  • Aiming at true security and stability for yourself within an unstable industry
  • Can be done yourself, (however a team can help organize and achieve this)


  • Something that I ask all new clients; where do they ultimately want to be in a year, 5 years, 10 years time?
  • It’s ok if you don’t know, just start with 6 months/a year and go from there
  • Work backwards from this goal, what needs to be done now to get to that destination or at least the next step?
  • Helps achieve efficiency and focus when setting and achieving daily, weekly, monthly targets (don’t overwhelm yourself)
  • Take a step back every so often and see where you’re at (re-evaluate)


  • Be strict and disciplined with personal deadlines and daily, weekly, monthly targets
  • Diaries, lists and calendars are extremely useful and can make your life a lot easier
  • Schedules for content production and publishing, series and meetings can help when inspiration or motivation is low
  • Networking with other content creators and industry to continue learning
  • Take a break and look after yourself


  • A huge part of job/life security and stability and longevity (due to ever changing platforms
  • Multiple safety nets and possibility for successful opportunities
  • Don’t call it a “side hustle”
  • Risk of “Jack of all, master of none” as well as burn out
  • Passive income/money while you sleep
  • You HAVE to enjoy it…to some degree


  • Important to cover multiple platforms online and secure audiences in a few places and then to monetise those audiences where possible
  • Offline revenue generation is very different and critical to establish
  • Online can be brand deals, advertising revenue, exclusive paid live content/Patron etc, educational courses, affiliates/commission-based deals, set-ups such as Shopify, podcasts, personal messages, merch and much more
  • Offline can consist of merch, books, board games, live/tour shows, tv presenting/acting, radio presenting, music production, consulting, personal appearances and much more
  • Keeps things interesting and varied


  • There are no rules
  • You’ll learn more and more as you go along
  • You can’t plan for everything
  • Reputations do travel ahead of you
  • Keep learning
  • “Don’t ask, don’t get”… but know how to ask correctly

I love the first bullet-point the best because he’s right: There are no rules (we get to make them up as we go along). It’s more important that you learn how to think instead of learn what to think.