I’ve been working hard late at night for the past three weeks. It’s been both an extreme pleasure and extreme pain. Writing about the experience is helpful because it’s an opportunity to be completely honest about the process and my thoughts around the application.

Some of the last few nights have been all-nighters – the previous weekend was one of those where I simply binged.

The neatest outcause is probably the fact that I’m learning a crap-ton about myself – how I think and feel about software development as a whole, design in the small but significant ways, and how to balance side projects in light of all the other things I’m responsible for.

I’m also learning more succinctly the ebb and flow of creativity and productivity – how they are coming together in very different ways, especially when the pressure is off in terms of a financial motive.

I think, if¬†anything, this will help me process my own identity when it comes to software. That’s a big “thing” in an of itself in a lot of ways. I don’t mind the tension, I’m inviting it into my life on purpose.

Software is a reflection of more than just an idea – it’s a reflection of the creator.