Karma Wifi Hotspot: Creepy and Cool


It’s so cute.

As I shared recently I’m experimenting with the Karma Wifi Hotspot solution and so far I’ve been very pleased with the service and the product overall. And, of course, one of the big plays that Karma has is the fact that you get to share your mobile hotspot with others.

The result of this awesome sharing feature? I get a nice little bonus to my own paid data delivery when others do sign-up. This is how it all goes down:

Holy shit. So many people...! (Click for larger view).

Holy shit. So many people…! (Click for larger view).

I enter a very crowded coffee shop (one of my favs in Atlanta) and discover that the bandwidth here is already swamped to death. I bust out my trusty Karma solution:

Karma to the rescue!

Karma to the rescue!

It then begins to broadcast it’s publicly-available SSID to the world. While others are getting booted off systematically from the shop’s wifi I’m speeding down the internet super-highway on my own solution.

I can check my usage on the fly via their dashboard:

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

And then others begin to look for other solutions and then they see my Karma:

Oh, looky!

Oh, looky!

If they decide to join they get some free bandwidth and then I get a nice bonus to mine:

Hell yeah...

Hell yeah… Keep it coming!

And here’s what the email notification looks like:


So… … … this is where it gets a bit creepy as I not only get a notice but I get a direct link to publicly-accessible information. For example, this person signed up via their Facebook account and the link in the email is a direct link to their Facebook profile:



Oh, hi there… I mean, I could quite literally shout a “Thank you ____________ for joining my Karma Hotspot!” if I wanted to… and even creepier, I could lightly tap this gal on the shoulder and be like: “Hey, you’re so cool, thanks for joining my hotspot…

Creepy. Spooky. All of the above…?

I’ll admit, I do like this potential for social engagement and I would probably say something if the coffee shop was a bit less crowded and I was a little more comfortable with doing something but I find the entire thing fascinating.

What do you think? Would you find this pretty neat yourself or is it too wild of a concept for you to handle?