Crunching Noises (as User Experience)

Something that one of Teeny’s follower’s (Thanks Luke!) mentioned last week really intrigued me: Sound effects.


More specifically, some “crunching” noises if and/or when you drag-and-drop images to be processed. Since Teeny is a hungry little monster and loves to eat things I imagine that this would give him even a bit more character.

Of course, it would be optional and the user could turn it on or off if they so choose. I wonder if this is worth the time and effort though. Is it a big deal? Would it matter?

From a user experience perspective I can see how adding this would be a nice auditory cue that something is, in fact, working. In other words, the app could use the crunching noises to let the user know that they’ve done the right thing and that their expectations will be met (i.e. the end result).


Consequently, I’m looking (and listening) to a few “crunching” noises out there and seeing what might make sense. Thoughts on this implementation?