CrushPress WordPress Theme Released!


It’s here! Read more (and see more) after the jump.

Reflections on the Process

Something I’ve discovered is that designing a WordPress Theme that I intend to release to the public is entirely different than designing a Blog Theme for a client.

There are a lot of small nuances that I might share, but here are some interesting personal moments of lucidity:

  • I’m just as passionate (if not more so) about developing Free Themes as I am developing for Paying Clients.
  • I can actually develop and design about a BILLION times faster (duh).
  • I think the impact of releasing a Free Theme is potentially greater than individual clients, which means…
  • The ROI (Return on Investment) for the time spent is potentially greater as well.
  • Designing and Developing Free WordPress Themes is really, really, really a lot of fun.
  • I love it when I see people not only using the theme but who have customized it extensively.

Those are just some initial thoughts.

The CrushPress WordPress Theme


Some things of note:

  • Super simplistic yet elegant in design (I think anyways). 3 columns, fixed.
  • Large content area for big photos or videos (700 pixels wide). Note that the current Theme has a content area of 710 pixels, just for comparison’s sake.
  • Focus on Typography, as usual. Large h1’s and regular copy.
  • Auto header image rotator. Super easy to add more images. Current size is 700px by 300px. Can be easily changed via CSS.
  • It’s orange.
  • Some advertisements for whatever.
  • Widgetized Sidebar for more fun.
  • The Theme was named by my Twitter Community: Thanks @philmorgan! If you follow me (@human3rror) you can join in the “Naming Contests” for upcoming themes…!

Personally, this is my most favorite Free Theme I’ve developed so far. In fact, I personally like it about 1,000 times better than Simpl3 Theme or The LunchBag Theme.

But, you can always take a look at them if you’re interested in something else:

Finally, you can see a video of the actual theme here:

Finally, one big look at all the “elements” in a post:


Interested? Download Here!

After scrolling forever, you’ve finally made it.

You can download the BETA release of the CrushPress WordPress Theme here.

This blog is no longer hosting the download link. Please visit TentBlogger WordPress Themes for the download!

As always, leave comments, thoughts, suggestions, etc… below.