Crying on Camera

I asked a friend to review a vlog episode that I felt was a bit more sensitive in nature; they told me not to share it and I decided to do it anyway.


Lastly, I would not post that as tomorrow’s vlog. I know what you were trying to do and it ended well, but, I don’t know if everyone would receive it well or be inspired by it.

I’m not saying hide from the community, but some people may look at you as their Lighthouse and it may do more harm to those people than good.

I would say keep it for those times where it comes in handy, maybe you can show it to people when they are struggling too. But just not have it out there where people who are looking up to you may view it and not get the correct context in which you intended it to be received in.

via “Very Good Friend”

I love my “very good friend” because we are really good friends; obviously to the point where I could ask him to review the episode and for him to feel comfortable sharing his honest thoughts.


I posted it anyway—here’s why:

  1. When I hit the record button I don’t plan on stopping until it’s captured and then published. Document, don’t create. This is about execution more than it is about being careful about my feelings.
  2. People are going to judge me anyway, even folks who feel like they know me really well. I can’t control that and I’m done giving much of a fuck about what folks think.
  3. I know my community and they know me. I’m not interested in serving folks who aren’t interested in building an honest and real relationship with me. I like my community and “circles of friends” to stay uber-small anyways.
  4. The folks who consider me a “lighthouse” have probably got it twisted anyways — I’m not a model to follow but I will always candidly share my own story of how I’m trying to make “all of this” (i.e. family, startup, being a decent husband / dad, etc…) work.

I don’t mind crying on camera as much as I do getting mad or upset — from what I gather, I’m not sure I’ve ever “lost my cool” on camera and if I did, I probably edited that out.

So, there’s that.

[I love my friend for being able to give me honest feedback — these are the types of folks I keep really, really close. I suggest you do the same!]