CryptoYum: How to Test and Provide Feedback


I know it’s been a long-time coming, but, we’re ready for your helpful hands to get a bit more dirty!

To get started, you can head here:

Username, Password: b3ta // alphabeta

Please do not change the password as it’s shared among a handful of you and, of course, please do not share these login credentials publicly!

And, if you haven’t already, please review the above video to get an idea of how we’d like you to help provide feedback!

All feedback should be sent here.

Two things to note:

  • We are only showcasing a few coins / projects for right now. That’s by design! If things look and appear stable, then, we’ll slowly add more projects based on community feedback.
  • We are looking for volunteer help to manage and update this site as well as be a bigger part of the curation process. We intentionally built the system in WordPress so that we could get non-technical folks to help build it out. We’ll have more info on this opportunity later…

Our hope is to test it for a week or so and then release it!

Oh, and one more thing… we’d love to give you more public credit as part of the “founding team” of CryptoYum… we’re going to have a public page on The Pub sharing that. If you want to be included in that post, let us know in the comments below.


– The Dogelord