CryptoYum on Product Hunt Ship!

Yesterday I spent way too much time sharing my thoughts on Product Hunt’s new SHIP Platform… but, I felt like it was worth the effort because I’ve been so impressed with it thus far.

In fact, a true litmus test of whether or not I believe in the SHIP product and platform is if I’m a repeat customer, right…?!

Well, I had such a great experience putting George on the platform that I spent a little bit of time yesterday launching a second product!

This one is called CryptoYum.


CryptoYum is a judiciously-curated mobile news reader that I’ve been desperately building for myself for a while.

The story is quite simple: As my obsession grew around all things cryptocurrency and blockchain I began, like most obsessions, devouring resources and reading materials.

I simply couldn’t get enough!

But I realized that there was a clear difference and distinction between somewhat-good resources and the really great ones.

Practically-speaking, I wanted to curate high-value blogs and news sources into one simple and powerful mobile experience. I began experimenting with different designs and after getting some early feedback decided to go full-out on the project.

CryptoYum Launch Screen

My motivation grew as I realized that our growing community @ The Bitcoin Pub was in desperate need of trusted resources and my brother and I could only share our own reading material here and there…

… but, what if we could export all of our curated source data to them in an elegant and always-available reader? Now, that would be something!

So, we decided to start putting the pieces together and we invited our community along for the ride, giving behind-the-scenes snapshots of our progress via our Patreon Community:

Behind the Scenes for our amazing Patrons!

Slowly it has come together and we’re getting closer and closer to releasing an Alpha Version to our community.

And, consequently, we needed a more formal landing page which is why I decided to go back to Product Hunt’s new Ship platform.

I shared this publicly this morning, but, the platform and system is so simple that I believe it could become a defacto-standard on launching new products:

It is quite useful. 👍🏼

Good job Product Hunt… and thank you for all of your hard and considerate work! You’re making creator’s lives so much easier so that we can focus on building great products for our customers!

Legit af.