On Building Crystal Balls

A few graphs via YCOM that explain where we are headed, technologically. There are three, in particular, that I’m very interested in personally (those are at the end).

Take a look:

Fascinating, right? Who’s to say if YC has a distinctly unique look at the future of our technology industry and world at large, but, it’s very reasonable to believe that many of the companies that exit the program will be the very tools that we will use in the near future.

But, here are three graphs that were of particular interest to me:

Message & Communication

Messaging & Communication

The decline of email and the rise of messaging and Slack, in particular, is very exciting. I’m personally banking a lot on Slack as a technology, even launching an app in the Slack Directory for Eve.


Slack: King of Enterprise Tools

Slack: King of Enterprise Tools

I see a lot of potential for more than just a platform – I see an ecosystem, which is what I talked about more here in my post, a strange sense that we’ve seen this all before and it’s a very exciting time to be building into this particular environment:


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

And the possibility of providing deep-level artificial intelligence to areas that have not been fully explored is also exciting. Who knows where we will head next!

Technology is so awesome.

Crystal balls and anything forecasting the future is always a fun exercise, but, what is more important is imagining the future and then building it.