Culling Old Projects (Making Room for the New)

I shared a few thoughts on how I create mental space by spending a concerted amount of time culling old projects and decluttering my files and folders.

A lot of people may find this amount of work unnecessary and unproductive but I can’t tell you how relieved I feel after every episode.

Yesterday, for instance, before I recorded my vlog, I deleted nearly 30,000 files:

Yo, that’s a lot of files.

I personally need to be extreme with my decisions like these because if I don’t the files and folders start to accumulate with some speed – I’m always building something and I need the space, both emotionally and psychologically to do my best work.

Otherwise, these things cause a lot of drag.

Two things that I didn’t get to share on the vlog:

  1. It’s amazing how little there is for reusability, especially in today’s digital economy, as there’s almost no reason to keep things around, even if you may need them in the future. If you’re honest with yourself you know this to be true.
  2. I have a starting baseline for deleting and removing things from my life and it starts at the 1-year mark. That is to say, anything that I haven’t touched or used in the past year immediately is on the table for removal. You can easily see this via timestamps on your files and folders.

Hopefully this is helpful!