Culture of Distrust

The people that I love to work with the most are those that can execute with very little oversight or governance and who require (and desire) a spirit of collaborative dialogue with a clear sense of vision, mission, and purpose.

This is especially important in early-stage companies where there are 1,000 things to be done and not enough hands to do it.

Those that survive and do the best are those that have enough independence and autonomy to prioritize the things that need to get done today and, at the exact same time, understand how those actions and efforts impact the longer-term vision.


At the heart of it, of course, is trust and building an organization of trust is paramount. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

The most important ingredient is communication and Pointy-Haired Boss, at the very least, is opening a conversation about performance.

Sadly, most managers and even leaders are unable, unwilling, or are just too ignorant enough to know that they are responsible to initiate those conversations with their staff.

Well, it should be from both ends in a perfect world but the leaders are responsible and accountable for creating a culture where open dialogue and exchange, especially about the more difficult topics of convo, is normative and acceptable.

We all have a ton of room for improvement in these departments, but, it all starts with an explicit attempt from the leadership in leveling those areas up. Intent must be followed by action and you can start today.