Custom Views for v1.2


One of the biggest challenges that I’ve had personally in the last few months since launch are the number of feature requests that have been made by the community that, in some cases, dramatically increase the complexity of the application itself.

Size and scope is sacred territory for me because my intent is to never harm the mission and purpose of the app itself: A focus on writing.

Simply put, there have been many requests that have the potential to distract the user from doing just that and in those circumstances I simply thank the user and kindly let them know that I will consider it but that it’ll be unlikely.

There have been a number of other requests that definitely have the potential to distract but also have the powerful potential to help the user create. One such feature set is the ability to customize the view and typeface appearance (and experience) within the editor itself.

With that in mind, I’ve created a few design ideas for how I might implement this as well as moving a considerable experience option (Day / Night Mode) into the same flow.

Take a look and please give me your feedback on the design options below. I want to make a decision on this soon so I can begin to develop it out (click each image for a larger view):







Appreciate it all!