The Customer is Right (and Wrong)

One of the very first jobs that I had when I was young was a bag boy at Publix. My father believed that my brother and I should earn the right, literally, to own and manage a car and so we worked at our local supermarket to pay for it.

It’s there that I was told, in orientation, that “the customer is always right” – and I, being a young and generally naive worker, believed this to be true.

That is until, of course, when on the job I realized that the customer (most of them) were not only wrong but stupid.

Well, I’ll take that back; they were wrong and I felt that this also meant that they were stupid but that’s because I was 14 and was pretty stupid myself.

Little did I know it then but I would eventually find myself in a place where, as an entrepreneur, I would naturally gravitate toward finding solutions to problems where most (if not the vast majority) of our (future) customer base was completely wrong about something.

When you find yourself doing something different you’ll most likely encounter a lot of people that are wrong. It’s not because they are less intelligent than you but because they have not yet been made aware (or educated) that there is another way of doing the same thing, but better.

Our job is to inform and to educate, to enlighten and delight, to share without offending. Those things are very difficult to do.

The customer is right about the experience today and wrong about what the experience will be tomorrow.

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