Cut Luck Out of System

I had LOL’d:

“We’re looking for a candidate who is: at least a one time World Cup Champion, two times FIFA World Cup awards winner, best scorer of the season, proven ability to work well in a team, exceptional references from previous teams”.

It’s so true, right? Most job descriptions are worded in such a way that only the top 1% of the 1% of the population should even try to apply.

If your company’s job position looks like you’re looking for unicorn you’re doing it wrong and you’ll never get what you’re after.

That, of course, isn’t right. I like Leonardo’s 4 questions that he poses that might be more useful for interviewing and hiring great folks:

  1. Can this candidate do the job?
  2. Will this candidate be motivated?
  3. Will this candidate get along with coworkers?
  4. What this candidate will be in three, six, twelve months from now?

This way you can “cut luck out of the system“. Try to figure out these things:

Ultimately, look for very-high-dimensional vectors, such as smartness, attitudes, motivation, dynamic learning, courage, that can’t be easily tested or represented by a basis vector or on a scale.

Hiring great folks, especially for early-stage companies, is really, reallyreally hard, so, we shouldn’t get upset if we find these things difficult to really do and accomplish. But, of course, it’s entirely worth it because early employees can literally make or break your company – so, if it takes a bit longer than you want it to, then, that’s okay.

Make your own luck.