Curriculum Vitae


I’ve been very fortunate to have a ton of professional experiences in my life and the following is an attempt to capture most of them, as best as I can recollect.

I used to use LinkedIn as a canonical source but the reality is that LinkedIn, like any other service, can closed down at any moment and so maintaining a list that I can ultimately control is important.

You should consider doing that yourself, by the way… read my more extensive thoughts on cleaning up and clearing out my LinkedIn here.

Professional Overview

Startup founder, enterprise executive, award-winning indie developer, life-long blogger, educator, hacker, husband, parent, and coach.

As an entrepreneur and startup founder I have both bootstrapped and raised venture capital for a handful of technology ventures, building highly-functional collaborative teams with limited resources. I am passionate about the potential that small teams can create when motivated properly. I love the hustle, getting “dirty” with teammates in close quarters, and scaling the impossible.

As an enterprise executive (Fox, NewsCorp) I have lead M&A, strategic growth, and technology teams overseeing millions in budget. I have learned that the best resources are the people around you when given the right mix of autonomy, flexibility, and refined purpose. I particularly enjoy using my technical skillset to communicate difficult concepts into understandable experiences.

After 20-years of software development experience I have built and deployed enterprise-grade global applications for Fortune 50s (Dell, JnJ) as well as had critical success as an indie software developer. At this point in my life I only want to work on and build products that matter and that help a lot of people.

I have been blogging publicly for 17 years and writing for much longer than that. I have discovered that one of the most powerful ways that we communicate with each other is through storytelling and how the digital landscape has forever changed the way we interpret, understand, express, and share stories.

As an educator with a Masters in Education I have discovered a true passion for teaching and instructing others and the importance of creating everlasting-value for the generations to come.

And, as a coach, I love serving others. I love seeing my team and partners eyes light up as principle truths are shared in a safe and trusted environment. There are few greater satisfactions for me than to see others succeed.

Finally, I’m a husband to an unbelievable woman and father of two beautiful girls. I homeschool and coach soccer too. You can learn read more about some of this in narrative form here.

I’ve listed out the work, projects, and companies in reverse chronological order. It is not comprehensive and borrowed heavily from my original LinkedIn profile.

Work History

One of the first sketch concepts, February 2017.

YEN | Co-Founder, Engineering
November, 2017 – Present // San Francisco, CA

The world’s first Meta-Exchange (“MEX”) which combines the power of a social network with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently in Private Beta.

Engineering analytics, all-the-things!

Pinpoint | Co-Founder, Product
June, 2016 – January, 2018 // San Francisco, CA

Engineering analytics for better team performance. You can learn more here. Raised Seed Series round from top-flight VCs (NYC / SV).


MNML App | Founder, Developer
June, 2016 – Present // San Francisco, CA

A macOS writing, blogging, and notetaking app for Learn more via the website and blog here. Featured Worldwide in the Mac App Store.

Desk 3

Desk App | Founder, Developer
November, 2013 – Present // Austin, TX

An award-winning & beloved writing, blogging, and notetaking app for macOS. Won “Best App of 2014” and “Best App of 2015” by Apple! You can learn more via the website and blog here.

UP2398 | Entrepreneur in Residence
June, 2016 – December, 2016 // Redwood City, CA

“Be true to your own act, and congratulate yourself if you have done something strange and extravagant, and broken the monotony of a decorous age. It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, “Always do what you are afraid to do.'” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spent time building and experimenting on a variety of different projects with the hopes of figuring out what I’d like to do next. Assisted with technical due diligence and coaching portfolio companies. Met a lot of great folks. Good times.

If you want a bit more context, I’ve written a little blog post (and video) about what an EIR is and how one gets this type of role.

HR Slackbot? Sure, why not.

Eve | Founder, CEO
January, 2016 – December, 2016 // San Francisco, CA

Automating HR – Letting humans do what humans do best: Invest in relationships. We’ll let technology do the rest.

Learn Capital | Portfolio Advisor
November, 2015 – June 2016 // San Mateo, CA

Advising and Special Projects for Learn Capital’s portfolio companies. Technical due diligence, change management, and human capital coaching. Helping them be awesome.

I thought it was pretty cool…

Teeny Tokyo | Founder, Developer
June, 2015 – May 2017 // San Francisco, CA

A simple image editing & resizing app for OS X. Another small indie project. You can read some of the archives on the blog here.

The Iron Yard // Atlanta Team

The Iron Yard | Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer
May, 2012 – June 2015 // Atlanta, GA

My story with The Iron Yard started in May of 2012 when I first joined as a Mentor and Advisor to what would eventually become The Iron Yard Ventures, the premier 12-week accelerator program in the south east, part of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN). I continued to mentor the cohorts and fell in love with their unique philosophy, approach, and the obvious quality of programming.

I came on board full-time as co-founder and parter as we began to grow the new education business. My primary objective was the scale the hell out of the organization. I’ve held a number of titles including Chief Strategy Officer, Human Capital Officer, and Chief Public Relations Officer. During my tenure we went from 1 campus and 4 full-time staff to 15 and 50+ respectively making us the largest Coding School / Bootcamp in the US.

I provided executive leadership and strategic development of all of our global programming, having critical roles in our human capital, digital strategy, and venture capital during our hyper-growth. It was a pleasure and an honor to serve alongside so many world-class professionals as we built a best-in-class organization, both culturally and organizationally.

I exited on an acquisition to a Fortune 500 company. You can learn more here and read an incredible tribute here.


Pressgram | Founder, Developer
September, 2012 – September, 2014 // Atlanta, GA

Used crowdfunding site to raise $56k+ for an iOS app. Went on to raise $300k. Ultimately failed as a business venture. Got my butt kicked, learned a ton. Humbling but important experience.

The 8BIT Team

8BIT | Founder, CEO
December, 2009 – August, 2013 // Atlanta, GA

Founded an award-winning WordPress Theme and content network, among a number of other products. Small angel round in 2012, became a Partner of Automattic. Acquired by WooThemes and WP Engine.

Co-Founders, Brothers

Action & Influence | Founder, CTO
2012 – 2014 // Atlanta, GA

Creators of Team Science™️ technology. Strategic agile software consulting, team performance, behavioral dynamics and optimization, executive coaching. Exit in early 2013.

ChurchMag / ChurchCrunch | Founder, Editor in Chief
2008 – 2013 // Atlanta, GA

Started largest technology blog for churches and non-profits. Acquired in 2013.

BlogCheck | Founder, Developer
2011 – 2012 // Atlanta, GA

Niche-based server monitoring system with iOS app. Acquired after 3 months of live operation.

Twitch Technologies | Founder, CTO
2011 – 2012 // Atlanta, GA 

Strategic lead on technology and venture capital raising for seed and angel rounds for an alternative keyboarding technology.

SoChurch Team

SoChurch | Founder, Chief Evangelist
2010 – 2012 // Phoenix, AZ

Raised angel/VC for communication application for non-profits with a world class board membership. Lead strategic business development and sales.

BeaconAds | COO / CTO
2010 – 2011 // Atlanta, GA

Purchased 50% ownership, increasing annual revenue by over 200% becoming the largest niche-based advertising network. Acquired in 2011.

Church Analytics | Founder, Developer
2010 – 2011 // Atlanta, GA

Creator of real-time analytics application with native mobile utility. Acquired after 11 months of operation.

North Point Ministries | Web Director
2008 – 2010 // Atlanta, GA

Lead creative technology projects internal and external to the organization, created one of the first online broadcasting technologies in its class. I learned how to be an adult here and the relationship between competence and character. My best mentors were discovered here. This was one of the most important jobs I’ve ever had.


Gospelr | Founder, Developer
2008 – 2009 // Austin, TX

Created first Christian and non-profit Twitter app, based on Twitter’s API. Acquired in 2009. TechCrunch’d.


DateCraft | Founder, Developer
2007 – 2008 // Austin, TX

Founder of world’s first dating and social network for World of Warcraft players. Acquired in 2008. Kotaku, Mashable. A few lessons-learned.

Second Adoption Media | Founder, Developer
2007 – 2008 // Austin, TX

Creator of first social network for adoptees and adopted people group. This was one of the first startups I ever tried and it unsurprisingly failed.

Fox / NewsCorp | Executive Product Director
2007 – 2008 // Austin, TX

Chief strategist and product lead overseeing technology and business acquisition and assimilation, starting with Beliefnet and social networking products. Redefined product direction for editorial publications, managed contractors and technical resources, negotiated deals. Fortunate to experience executive leadership at a super-young age. Learned a ton about myself in the process.

Dell Team

Dell | Enterprise Developer
2006 – 2008 // Austin, TX

Software engineer and product manager creating solutions for the global enterprise eCommerce organization. Recognized social media technologist leading future-state  projects. Created an internal newsletter that became widely adopted and syndicated. Built and designed a blog that promoted Dell’s progressive stance on new technologies and was promptly asked to shut it down and hand over DNS rights. Weird.

Life Multimedia | Founder, Developer
2006 – 2007 // Atlanta, GA

Boutique software and web design and business marketing agency in Atlanta, GA. When our customers didn’t have money we bartered for goods. I learned a very important lesson here: Money changes people.

Starbucks | Barista
2005 – 2006 // Austin, TX

I picked up a part-time shift to get some health benefits because my new wife was pregnant. This was an important point of my life and I learned a ton about myself during this very short stint. I also met one of my best friends.

Internap | Network Operations Manager
2005 // Atlanta, GA

I worked in the NOC, got my CCNA / CCDA to work on CISCO routers supporting top tier organizations and their networks. Was too scared to quit but thankfully was fired in a few months for “performance” issues when in reality I didn’t fit the culture. My colleagues loved to drink and watch porn while on the night shift. I wasn’t a fan.

Patient Care Technologies | Network Engineer
2005 // Atlanta, GA

Installed local networks for healthcare companies. My boss didn’t really like his job and yet appeared to enjoy spending time away from his family. Found myself in the middle of boondocks Wisconsin in the dead of winter sitting at a bar with him after writing a hacked together middleware program for a small healthcare insurance firm. Something inside of me died that afternoon.

FedEx Kinkos | Copier, Paper Boy
2005 // Duluth, GA

At the time, it was “KINKOS” and I picked up a few shifts before moving to Austin, TX right across the street from my apartment. One of the most humbling jobs of my life but I appreciated the work and it kept me busy as I planned my future.

Johnson & Johnson | Developer
1999 – 2005 // Jacksonville, FL

Contributed to international ecommerce system with Vistakon, a business unit of JnJ. Java, XML, PERL, EMCAScript, and Cold Fusion. Introduced Flash technology to Acuvue, built future-state marketing sites for Japanese market. Learned a ton about corporate politics and a ton about the different pantone color options for cubicle decor. But, to be honest, I really liked my bosses and they gave me the career start that I needed. I pair-programmed with some outright geniuses. What a ride.

Publix | Bag Boy
1997 – 2001 // Jacksonville, FL

I bagged groceries, carried them to people’s cars, and hunted for lost carts while mopping the floors on occassion. I worked part-time to pay for gas, which was $19.26 a week. I ate stale sushi during my one break. I visited the bathroom often.

Joseph’s Pizza | Cashier
2000 – 2001 // Jacksonville, FL

I did mostly cashiering but I also did front-of-house and waited tables. They even let me try to cook pizza but that lasted about 30 seconds.

John Saddington’s Computer Repair Company | Installer of Windows
1997 – 2001 // Jacksonville, FL

I fixed local small businesses computers and networks which consisted of reformatting the hard drive and uninstalling all of their malware that they had downloaded off the internet.

Boar’s Head Deli | Meat Department
1999 – 2000 // Jacksonville, FL

I prepped, cut, and served deli meat to customers. There was a keg with free beer available to customers. Our job was to memorize faces and make sure that repeat “customers” would not come in, drink the beer, and then leave only to come back a few hours later. I made $8 an hour, which was amazing.

PakMail | Mail Service
1998 – 1999 // Jacksonville, FL

I worked the cashier and learned that people will try to ship anything and everything. And they will ask you to do it for free.

Panera Bread | Prep Cook
1998 – 1999 // Jacksonville, FL

I would wake up at 4:00am in the morning to do “prep” for the entire kitchen, which included peeling/cutting 300 onions. By the way, that “artisanal, locally-sourced” soup comes in a big plastic bag from some place far, far away.

Melkior Design | Founder
1997 – 1999 // Jacksonville, FL

My very real first company. Built html websites and flash games. I spent time modding Unreal Tournament maps and hacking King’s Quest when I didn’t have work. I spent far too much time on the Flash Community Forums helping others with their development problems. I’m not sure I made any money.


Dallas Seminary | Masters in Education, Masters in Biblical Studies
2006 – 2012 // Dallas, TX

A double Master degree, focus on team-based behavioral psychology and education technology. Thesis on team and executive coaching via behavioral dynamics and assessments.

This eventually lead to a technology startup that created a digital assessment for team performance.

Georgia Institute of Technology | B.S. Science, Technology, & Culture
2001 – 2005 // Atlanta, GA

Focus on design, UX psychology and post modern philosophy. Was allowed to take a number of independent studies via game design, digital media, and communication. Had an incredible mentor and advocate who helped me succeed.

The Bolles School
1997-2001 // Jacksonville, FL

My High School Senior Quote was kaizen which is Japanese for continuous improvement. This is one of my life philosophies and I never want to stop learning. I also learned how to breakdance.

Volunteer Experience

I love giving my time where I think it can best be put to good use. Here are a few such examples and pursuits.

Soccer Coach

I coach a U7/8 co-ed youth soccer team. I have a “G” and “F” Coaching Licenses through The United States Soccer Federation. I absolutely love this part of my week!

TEK Styles | Breakdance Instructor

I taught breakdancing and hip-hop to college students. I still attempt to be “cool” now and again and teach my own children but my body doesn’t apparently agree that this is the best use of my appendages.

I still very much love dance and you can see a few pictures here.

Defy Ventures | Coach & Mentor

I have had the honor and privilege to coach and mentor the EIT (“Entrepreneurs in Training”) at Defy Ventures as well as being a judge at their first ever in-Prison event at Solano State Prison. You can learn more here.