What is Your Dance?

We've all got it in us... somewhere.

Sometimes you just need to loosen up a bit – shake off the dust of trying to be someone you’re not or give yourself the freedom to just go nuts in your own skin.

I wish we were all a bit more confident and secure about ourselves and our identity, both in real life and online, to just be who we are without the constraints of societal pressure and peer-expectations!

Sometimes we just need to dance! Right where we are in our own little way.

I felt this way today as I spent a little more time than I had wanted doing work on a weekend. I ended up just wanting to dance and free my mind, my heart, and my aching hands (too much typing!) a bit.

When was the last time you just “danced?” It might not be a physical dance (although that’s sweet!) but just some form of freeing expression that was without any constraints; boundary-less?

For kicks – and a laugh – here’s a personal example.