My Own Little “Darkest Before the Dawn” (Software) Moments

This couldn’t have hit my inbox at a better time:

via Dilbert

We’re on the cusp of launching a very significant feature into the Private Beta of my startup’s core product, YEN, and the last 3 or 4 days has put me a bit on edge, if I’m to be honest.

This is because we’ve deployed the new update to our test servers and have been actively monitoring the data streams for issues and hiccups that might come up as we work through QA Testing.

Consequently, I’ve woken up each day hoping to see absolutely nothing in the log files and, if that happens through the testing phase and through this weekend, we’ll end up deploying this big feature update to our beta users this coming week.

I’ll be honest: I haven’t been on my best behavior and I haven’t had the best attitude as I’ve been on pins and needles, hoping for absolutely nothing to show up.

It’s my own, small, personal hell, if you will – my own little darkest before the dawn software world.

Jesus, take the wheel…

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