Desk Dev Docs – Ep. 003: Changes in Scope

Another great question via Demian about the changes in scope:

I know you have had a vision for Desk for a very long time. I also know that since you have gone through the Alpha testing, some things have been expanded or added to the application that may have been outside the original design. Can you talk about how your vision or scope of what Desk can do has changed from the day your cranked out the first line of code to the product you submitted to Apple?

I attempt to answer that question in the above video.

As I mention, the scope has changed dramatically functionally but not so much philosophically. I think this makes sense and is very typical. This idea of progressive revelation is important, that is to say that as you start building you realize more about what you are building and the app reveals itself to you.

I think this is a neat symbiotic relationship between that which is built and the builder.